The most common mistakes when brushing teeth

Six things that are usually performed poorly when brushing your teeth:

Wet the brush before brushing your teeth. And, it is better to be dry so that, in this way, the dirt is better dragged and food waste is better eliminated. In addition, wetting it can generate more foam than necessary for proper brushing.

Do not devote enough time. It is recommended two minimum minutes of brushing to be effective, since washing the teeth too fast increases the chances of leaving areas without brushing.

Use more pasta than necessary. It is not necessary to cover the entire brush with toothpaste, with only a little paste.

Rinse us too much when finished. It is not advisable to rinse too much, because, in this way, the toothpaste is not allowed to act and fluoride strengthens the enamel or chlorhexidine does with the gums.

We do not tilt the brush enough. The recommendation is to keep the brush at a 45-degree angle and alternate circular movements with movements from the gum to the tooth.

Brush your teeth right after eating. It is better to wait at least 30 minutes after meals to brush our teeth, since doing it right afterwards involves the risk of spreading the acid on the teeth, eroding them in the medium and long term, instead of eliminating them.