The importance of visiting the dentist

There is a wide range that includes preventive measures against any pathology that may arise in our mouth: both the hygienic measures by the patient, and the prevention of risks in the event of possible injuries that may truncate our smile, but there is a measure that not everyone takes into account, and has a great importance: The visit to the dentist.

The visit to the dentist as a preventive measure

The importance of visiting our trusted dentist periodically lies in the prevention section. Thanks to the action of our dentist, we can avoid the most common diseases in our mouth, such as dental caries, the most common disease, as well as periodontal diseases, a type of disease that if not treated in time can reach result in a more serious pathology.

As a rule, people believe that regular visits to the dentist are not really necessary, but nothing is further from reality. Many people only come when they already have a symptomatology, such as infection or pain in the teeth.

Unfortunately, there are a large number of diseases of the mouth that in their initial stages do not present symptomatology related to pain, nor are they perceptible to the naked eye in the eyes of a non – specialist.

Thanks to the visit to the dentist we can make sure that we do not suffer any disease, and in the chaos that we are suffering from, we will only have to start the treatment as quickly as possible so that it does not happen to the elderly.

Problems caused by inattention of the mouth

We must bear in mind that when a disease related to the mouth begins to present painful symptoms, in all probability this has already advanced enough so that a treatment has to be more complex and expensive. If, for example, we are letting dental caries pass by, we cannot use the simple method of dental filling to stop it, and if it continues its course we could even end up losing the tooth.

Dental filling is a very simple and painless procedure that hardly causes any discomfort to the patient and that today is the most effective solution to end caries when it is still small in a fast way.

Another reason why we can have serious problems in our mouth is none other than the accumulation of bacterial plaque. A visit to our dentist to submit to a professional dental cleaning will remove the plaque that accumulates in our mouth, and this is undoubtedly an ideal option, since both for reasons of dental aesthetics, to have our teeth white and clean, as for reasons of health, so that we avoid that the bacterial plaque ends up becoming tartar (also known as dental tartar).

The tartar can create diseases in our mouth of various kinds, the best known being gingivitis, a disease of the gums that can end with retraction of the same, requiring a surgical intervention to recover dental aesthetics. Another pathology that can cause tartar is the erosion of enamel, among many other oral diseases.

Both the professional dental cleaning and the one that we go to our trusted dentist in order to receive a total sanitation of our mouth. Dental cleaning is the best way to prevent all infections of both teeth and gums, and performing it periodically will be the best way to eliminate both plaque and supragingival plaque to prevent tooth decay and disease periodontal This, added to a brushing of the teeth and the use of dental floss on a daily basis, can help us not to visit the dentist for a possible dental pathology in many years, making sure that our natural dentition lasts with the passage of the years.

It is for all this, so a periodic visit of a quarterly nature to our dentist can make us avoid spending time and money in a large number of pathologies that, if not treated in the right way and on time, end up making our process at the dentist it ends up becoming a series of unwanted visits.