The fear of the dentist

The fear of going to a dentist’s office is very common in the population, many people let the years pass to go to review only for this feeling, leaving even greater problems to appear.

How many times have we heard “I have not been going for years but because I can not help it, I’m very afraid”, “I prefer to leave it for another day that comes more prepared”, “not if it’s really no serious problem, you can wait “; All these and many others are situations that reflect the fear of each of us to go to consultation. But yes, we must change this, for which we should start with the children, teaching the importance of going to the dentist.

Many times this becomes a vicious circle, in which out of fear I do not go to the consultation, so that every time I have greater dental health problems which generates anxiety and embarrassment because of the situation, and more fear of going to need another type of procedures. It is true that this is something real and that many patients present, either by stories they have heard, by the uncertainty of what they will do, by terror of needles, because it is something they bring from children or other factors.

The doctors know the fear that many of their patients face when they come to the consultation and are trained to know how to approach it, decreasing this situation as much as possible, but what can you do to avoid it? Well, here are some techniques for this:

Identify the reason for fear, whether from past experiences, fear from children or fear of needles.

Find a trusted professional that gives you the security you need to face your fears, ask family or friends and they can often help you.

Trust your dentist and tell him what you feel when you go to the consultation, he will understand the situation and will put all his means to avoid it.

The normal thing is that the first visit is a general review in which the treatment plan that will be carried out in successive visits will be exposed, which allows you to prepare yourself and realize that not everything is as bad as it seemed.

Go to the clinic accompanied by a family member or friend, who will give you the confidence you often lack.

Ask your doctor for information about the procedures you are going to perform, ask all the questions you have and think it is only a little while.

These are just some techniques that can help you overcome this fear, think that it is not unique, that many other patients present the same problem. Remember also, that fear is a moment but the satisfaction of proper dental health is for a long time.

Do not forget, therefore trust in the professional, is the most important thing to overcome this situation, look for one that guarantees knowledge, security and confidence.