The different types of electric toothbrush

Apart from factors such as the technique and frequency of brushing and the time spent on this activity, the type of toothbrush used will directly affect the effectiveness of plaque removal.

Rechargeable electric toothbrushes:

The rechargeable electric toothbrush, also known as a “rechargeable toothbrush”, is a toothbrush that plugs directly into the mains for recharging. The handle is kept, but the brush must be replaced every three months.

Typically rich in technology and features, rechargeable electric toothbrushes offer many benefits in terms of oral hygiene.

Some may improve his brushing habits. They use a different type of cleaning technology, such as rotary-tilt technology (3-D cleaning action) or sonic technology.

State-of-the-art features include:

  • Several specialized brushing modes for sensitive teeth, offering teeth whitening benefits or a gum massage action.
  • Pressure sensors warn of excessive brushing pressure.
  • Timers help control the brushing time of each quadrant of the mouth.
  • Digital memory aids remind you to replace the brush.
  • Compatibility for multiple brushes to choose the preferred hair configuration.

Electric toothbrushes with batteries:

  • If electric toothbrushes do not tempt some power enthusiasts, they may like battery powered electric toothbrushes. Like electric toothbrushes, battery-powered toothbrushes are sometimes simply called “electric toothbrushes” because they require an AA battery. While resembling traditional manual toothbrushes in terms of design, battery-powered electric toothbrushes emit enough vibration to provide extra cleaning action. Conventional manual toothbrushes are the least expensive, and are often sold as multi-packs or individually.
  • Battery-powered electric toothbrushes cost little more than conventional manual toothbrushes.

To remember

  • There are two types of electric toothbrushes: rechargeable or battery operated.
  • The electric toothbrush provides daily tooth cleaning, superior to the conventional manual toothbrush.
  • Just like the manual toothbrush, the electric toothbrush head should be changed every 3 months.