The dental prosthesis

The absence of one or more teeth has a negative impact on chewing, pronunciation, aesthetics and general health. When conventional dental care is no longer possible, the dentist will rebuild damaged or missing teeth. It is then that the installation of dental prostheses intervenes. They can be made of different materials and be fixed or removable.


Fixed dental prostheses include:

  • The dental crown (which will replace a single tooth by fixing on a false stump (or inlay core);
  • The dental bridge (which will replace one or more teeth by leaning on the neighboring teeth);
  • Only (which will reconstitute the upper part of the tooth and represents an alternative to filling);
  • The dental facet (shell that will cover the front of the teeth).


As far as removable dentures are concerned, we will distinguish the partial denture and the complete appliance (also called the denture) which will replace all the teeth. As the name implies, removable dentures can be removed for regular cleaning.