Dental problems in children and how to avoid them

In the case of the oral health of the little ones, there are three main problems that we can:

Dental malocclusion can lead to other more serious oral health problems, why “is very important to diagnose and treat as soon as possible, since young is much easier to solve and avoid it from getting worse over time.”


“We can develop at almost any age, in fact; we have already mentioned the ‘decay of the bottle ‘. If not treated properly, all you get is to increase the pain and deterioration of the teeth to decay involves, in some cases the loss of primary teeth occur, which can trigger problems of occlusion and of tooth position. For children the only way to prevent this from occurring are periodic checkups every six months, fluoridation and use of sealants in the cracks.”

Dental Injuries

No doubt, they are very common in children, at a young age they usually occur when they start to walk and then they are associated with sports and games. “Whenever a strike occurs in the mouth it is best to visit our trusted dentist, especially if injuries occur because the mucosa, lips or bridle may be affected. At the time of the coup, the first thing we do is wash the area with water to remove the blood, if any; in that case, apply pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding.

There are times when the trauma is so strong that involves the loss of the tooth. If a baby tooth, said the expert, “not usually replanted but you have to visit the dentist to rule out if part of the tooth has been in or not, because it may be the case that the part is not in the mouth because, instead of falling, has been emplaced, i.e., has been put into the bone. As I said, baby teeth are usually not replanted because, usually, the permanent tooth underneath and usually what we do is check periodically if the stroke has affected something permanent tooth that will occupy that space. However, when the tooth falls is final, we have to do is put it in milk or saline and consult a dentist as soon as possible to try to reposition.”

To prevent dental trauma in children is recommended to use mouth guards, especially if you usually practice some kind of sport. These devices are made ​​of a flexible plastic that keeps with the beat, wounds and injuries occur in the soft tissues, teeth or jaw. “There are two types, custom-made or prefabricated child. Particularly, I always recommend that are tailor made ​​for their protection is higher as they are perfectly adapted to bite the child, “concludes the dentists.

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