Oral Health: Common mistakes

Going to the dentist only when injured

Generally no one likes going to the dentist, they say that it is painful for both the mouth and on the wallet. We skipped the dentist reviews with our laziness; we walk just because of money or even fear. That is why many of us we go to the dentist only when we have an emergency or a pain we cannot endure, according to Dr. Ngo, a Cosmetic Dentist in Fairfax, VA.

The reality is that going to the dentist only when pain is the worst thing we can do; the consequences for our oral health can be dire. In addition we will come out much more expensive and treatment is more complicated and painful than a periodic review or cleaning.

As if this were not enough, we must not forget that a regular review with the dentist is also important to promptly detect diabetes, poor nutrition and oral cancer. Not to mention the numerous studies demonstrating the relationship between infections of the mouth and heart problems, rheumatism, arthritis, etc..

Believing plaque and tartar no harm

The bacteria found in plaque can secrete acids degrade our teeth and cause tooth decay. These bacteria also cause inflammation and infection of the gums. The problem is compounded when we remove the plate and it hardens into tartar. Plaque is the result of the mineralization of plaque on our teeth and is much more difficult to remove.

Especially dangerous is the plaque that develops between the gum and the tooth root (not seen) as it can cause serious periodontal disease. If not treated on time leads to tooth loss and degradation of the jawbone.

Brushing insufficiently, incorrect or untimely

We all know that we need to cleanse the teeth 2 or 3 times a day, but even more important is to do it the right way. Using a brush or Bad rub too hard can cause enamel wear, tooth sensitivity or gum withdrawal.

Start cleaning teeth always in the same place is not a good idea as we tend to relax as we brush and always leave them unattended areas.

Ignore the consequences of the lack of a tooth

The consequences of tooth loss are much more serious than we usually think, causing imbalances in the mouth and chewing, and atrophy of the bone in the tooth area where there are much more serious than the possible aesthetic damage problems.

Not knowing which factors are more damaging your diet

There are many foods and beverages that we think are not necessarily harmful but in fact are real destroyers of the teeth. For example: gum (even without sugar), sweets and acidic drinks can cause irreversible enamel erosion. We need to know what foods are harmful to teeth and rinsed with water immediately after they are ingested.

Do not use dental floss properly and, where appropriate, the little brushes between teeth

Dr. Garbis, a dentist in Columbia, MD recommends using dental floss and interproximal brushes is as important or more to use the toothbrush. But it is also important to use them properly. We should never abruptly enter the floss between teeth; rather we should slide gently using a zigzag motion. Enter the very strong or very abruptly silk can damage our gums.

Not understanding that the problems are of his mouth, the dentist can help you solve them without their collaboration

The health of the mouth is ultimately our responsibility. Thinking that the dentist or a certain treatment we will solve all the problems is a serious mistake. For more information on Dr. Ngo, visit Smiles4Fairfax.com.